Derivados de Madeira

In addition to veneer and sawn timber, Alfredo Correia offers its customers other wood derivatives, such as edge banding, plywood and decking.

The plywood is obtained by layering wood veneer sheets glued and crossed perpendicularly to each other.
This product is commonly used in construction, interior furnishing and carpentry.
Alfredo Correia has a regular stock of different types of plywood, such as birch plywood, serebo plywood and eucalyptus plywood, with different thicknesses and qualities.

Commonly used for outdoor flooring or façade cladding, decking is produced from exotic woods, heat treated wood or from synthetic/composite materials.
Alfredo Correia has a regular stock of Ipe and Cumaru Decking with different lengths, widths and surface types – smooth or anti-slip.